Review ‘The fate of The furious 8’

5 weeks ago, I watched movie ‘the fate of the furious 8’.

maxresdefaultI like to watch series movie. This movie is one of the series movies I watch. Now this become my favorite series movie. This movie is an action movie, and there are many famous actors. When I saw this movie, I saw one news. That tell me an actor died while filming this movie. This movie is a movie that a man has betrayed for some reason, but his team is returning to normal. Seeing this movie, I expected the next piece. And I recommend watching this movie to other people. And I wish that this movie stay in my favorite movie list.


You know my new challenge?

Hello~! Today I will gone a talk about my new challenge!

currently, I start to study TOEFL it is very hard to learn.

However I try to learn TOEFL easily. I start TOEFL study, because when I entrance college I need to get high score in TOEFL. if I want to go to famous college. When I started to study TOEFL, I thought it will very hard. But now I am excited to learn TOEFL.

Three times a week I learn TOEFL in academy. I get small test but I get common grade in test. I think I can do TOEFL well, if I study much. Few years later I will get test in the TOEFL Experiment Station. I guess that I will get high score. It would be a difficult challenge, but it would be a great pleasure if it were successful.


News in Korea

In our country have a big news! Egg get very high value. I was very surprised when i heard about this news. Reason of egg value is most chicken got AI. Few month ago Egg price was normal, but after Avian Influenza egg get high price.

Before thirty eggs are about 4000 won, but after AI thirty eggs are over 12000 won. Fortunately, Vietnam has many eggs. I can eat egg much. Currently, I saw news that tell me fried chicken price also get high. I’m very angry about this news. Because i think chicken price have to get lower than now. Because after AI many chicken was died, so mabye in mart have   many chicken. But, why fried chicken price get higher? Anyway, I think i am very lucky guy. Because i can eat egg and chicken so much. And sometimes i’m sick of egg and chicken. Anyway, I wish that recover the AI and decrease egg and fried chicken price.